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The Communitas Wellbeing Project

Multi-faith Elderly Care

This project was born when the Muslim Educational Consultative Committee approached Birinus to set up a partnership working with the Catholic Church for the elderly in both communities.

Encouraged by the possibility of a grant from the Birmingham City Adults and Communities Department, the existing work of both Faiths was drawn together and developed into the Communitas Wellbeing Project. The aim: to prevent elderly people from having to go into care through enhancing their health and wellbeing at local level.

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The project is now in its second year and the funding for part-time workers has helped enormously in offering a creative programme with input from local doctors, schools, and health professionals. The beneficiaries, mainly from Pakistan and Ireland, have also learned something of each others way of life, and the social and religious context has helped keep people happy and well.

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As we see it, this project teaches us something about the way local Faiths and communities can work in partnership with Local Authorities and the public sector, to keep our elderly people well while continuing to stay at home.

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